The Best Friend ILL Always Have.

24 01 2014

My besets friend ever was Rex he’s my dog well dog brother he was in the family he had are blood line seems like he liked all the things I like he also does  a lot of the same things as me liken me and him would play soccer and even football but, he always would tackle me.

My dog kinda look like this but more nice  he would lick every ones face when we walked him it was so cut when he was a baby before he died. He ate a bed spring and he couldn’t go bathroom or eat it was sad. I cried for almost a full week when I heard he died I still miss him

Seth’s Math Assessment

21 01 2014

This is my math assessment.

My math assessment is kind of hard but, fun I guess I do place value and value its kind of confusing but, there is stuff like [figures/numbers squared] and T tables and also shapes to help but, I don’t need some of them.

Another thing about my math assessment is there are tests and other things like that to challenge us

A week In The life Of Seth…

2 12 2013

The first thing I on the weekend is have friends over and eat lot’s of pizza and pop and I also sometime play online with my friends it a blast you can say I really have fun when I go to the wave pool. I also play borderlands and racing games with my friends.

One more thing is that I got twenty dollar’s this weekend. Another thing is that cook allot but it’s kinda good but it’s alright. So that’s a week of my life.


26 11 2013

I live in Canada.Also, here is a fact you might like, hockey is our country’s national sport. Another fact is that there is 35.1 million people in Canada. Canada actually means village settlement or land. Canada is located in the continent of north America. One more fact is Canada has two official languages ,and they are French and English. Finally the last fact is that Canada is divided in three territories and 10 provinces.